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Our Clinics

Memory Disorder Clinic:

Our memory disorder clinic will provide our patients with a complete evaluation utilizing advanced diagnostics and treatment for all types of memory disorders. Patients with any form of dementia including those in all stages of Alzheimer’s disease are welcome to make an appointment. Our aim is to advise patients and their caregivers on the various methods for improving memory as well as provide education on the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in our pre-dementia patients.

Please check back soon for the clinic schedule.

Stroke Clinic:

Our stroke clinic will offer our patients a full office-based evaluation, employing diagnostics in addition to management for all non-emergency stroke patients. Our aim is to provide our patients with treatment as well as educate patients and their caregivers on the various methods of  stroke prevention.

Headache Clinic:

The Headache Clinic is a treatment center for all types of primary headaches, including migraine and cluster headaches. Treatment plans include our drug and non-drug holistic approach to provide long term relief for most patients, while eliminating dependency on prescription pain medication. All our physicians treat migraine and tension headaches with proven Botox Therapy. If you or a loved one are having trouble managing your headaches, contact us to receive a comprehensive evaluation.

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